Unique New Years Eve party options - on a sailboat!

How about this year, do you New Years countdown on a sailboat, under the stars, with your friend and family! How better to see in the new year?

Seeing in the New Year can often be a lot of hassle to organise, making the day itself stressful and weighted. At Sailsquare, we have lots of holidays that allow you to to easily book a New Year party on a sailboat with a skipper dedicated to making it a stress-free, entirely fun evening!

There are full-boat booking options catering to those who want to enjoy a sailing experience with their friends and family, and there are other sailing holidays for those travelling solo, or in a smaller group - that want to share the New Year celebrations, with new friends!

Need some help finding your next holiday? Give us a call, or a message - it would be our privilege to help you with your search!